Kyle Acheson in What's Your Wish 2015

Kyle Acheson is an emerging musician and actor in New York. He was born in Cincinnati, OH in 1990. From an early age, he was drawn to music, theater, and the outdoors. Before he ever wrote a tune, he had learned the songs of hundreds of birds in his native Ohio.

After studying acting at the Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts, he searched for ways to blend the storytelling power of musical theater with the wonder of nature and the exuberant joy of a chamber band. That drove him to form Thicket & Thistle, an ensemble of actor-musicians who write and perform original musicals in New York.

His first album "Sun River" was released in the same year: a tribute to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest's mighty mountains, shaggy firs, and melancholy mists.

His work is informed by extensive research, detailed story analysis, and above all, a grounded sense of empathy and play.

Acheson's vivid and eclectic scores draw inspiration from singer-songwriters such as Nick Drake, Feist and Gillian Welch, and theater composers like Sondheim, Bock & Harnick and Stephen Trask.

He lives in Brooklyn with his co-writer, Sam De Roest.

Thicket & Thistle,  What's Your Wish?  (2015)

Thicket & Thistle, What's Your Wish? (2015)