In this concert-style docu-drama, we follow a young single woman in her investigative query into matters of the heart. She examines segments of collected interviews that trace people’s experience with romantic relationships from first crush to present day, while divulging her own heartbreak through biting blues numbers. As the interviews open doors to her personal past, she reveals humiliations from her middle school gymnasium, tests Tinder and vomits up her own heart for the taking.

A play by Emilyn Kowaleski

For this show, I worked with a full suite of bluesy songs that Emilyn had written previously with a band. My task was to arrange the existing material for a five-piece chamber band featuring piano, accordion, guitar, cello, and drums. I served as music director and worked with the actor-musicians to develop distinct parts. Since the show reflects ambiguous and sometimes conflicting ideas about modern love, I wanted the score to display a similar sense of range. The music can be tender and gentle at times, but also displays a capacity for stormy darkness and icy distance. Specifying the exact tone for each song was a learning moment for me and a great chance to grow as a composer.


Production History

Written/Created by Emilyn Kowaleski
Directed by Hunter Bird
Featuring Emilyn Kowaleski , Corley Pillsbury, David Blasher* Kyle Acheson & Zachary Segel
Music Directed by Kyle Acheson
Produced by Jenna Lloyd
Stage Managed by Natalie Hratko

Role played by Anthime Miller at The Bowery Poetry Club