The Waterman

Human beings coexist with a race of “water people” whom they capture and process into delicious sushi. With tensions on the rise, it's up to The Waterman, a genetically-engineered secret agent, to defuse the brewing conflict. But an evil sea Captain and his melancholy daughter Ursula may complicate Waterman's mission. Intrigue! Suspense! Sushi! Brimming with unforgettable characters and a psych-surf rock score, The Waterman is a timely and ridiculous eco-musical adventure.

A musical by Kyle Acheson and Sam De Roest

Sam and I began writing “The Waterman” in Portland, OR back in 2013. A persistent thread of environmental concern runs through this piece. We were initially inspired by our fascination with the extremely large islands of garbage that swirl in the world’s oceans. We loved creating an immersive world where elements of nature are living, rational beings. As more cities and towns in the United States are experiencing the effects of climate change, this show takes the positivist approach that it is possible for us to change the way we view nature- not merely as a utility but as a conscious & rational presence that demands respect.

Waterman Final 4.jpg

I had the happy challenge of composing a genre-blending rock score, inspired by beach bands. This was my first full-length score and I used the opportunity to explore the intersection of actor and musician. A four-piece rock band is visible on stage the whole time (a convention I still love) and throughout the show, the actors will join in, “splashing” a certain instrument for a song here and there. Sometimes the band joins the actors! These hybrid roles not only add additional range to the sound of the score, they are really fun for the audience, and everyone gets to pitch in to tell this story.

sheer wit and nerve, and ... beautiful balladeering
— -A.L Adams, Oregon Art's Watch