What's Your Wish?

All Nicholas wanted for his 16th birthday was a car. Instead, a magical storybook sucked him and his best friend Brian into the fantastical world of Death Forest. After encountering an old, friendly-yet-unbearably-lonely trash rat, the boys learn that the only way to make it out alive is to find the enchantress of the forest. Only she can grant their wish to return home. With the additional help of a young, rebellious fairy, the boys learn about the power of trust, true friendship, and the meaning of sacrifice. 

a musical by Thicket & Thistle

I served as head composer and music director for this lighthearted fantasy folk musical. What’s Your Wish? presents a unique challenge: the instrumentation is limited to five actor-musicians, who are also responsible for set changes and a lot of physicality during performance. It’s not exactly easy to play an instrument and help someone with a costume change! Through extensive development and super detailed track planning, I was able to create a score that features a palette of over fifteen instruments.


Development History

  • What’s Your Wish? starts as a 10-minute musical at Sound Bites Musical Festival in 2015, winning an Award for Best Music.

  • Developed into a full-length show at the NY Int’l Fringe Fest 2015, and performed in a garden in the East Village.

  • Produced by Theatre Now New York at the West End Theater in 2017

  • Produced at the New York Musical Festival in 2018, where I was nominated for an Award in Outstanding Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations.

a warm-hearted, comic fantasy
— The New York Times
Indeed, both my inner child and outer adult were delighted by the catchy melodies and intricate harmonies in this whimsical piece of original theatre. ...By the end, I felt I had gone on a journey worthy of Disney or Pixar.
— — Brett Aresco, Theatre Is Easy