Death Cruise

Making new friends can be hard, especially when there’s a 3,000 year old vengeance spirit tracking your every move. Death Cruise, a musical comedy, follows a ragtag band of employees on an arctic cruise ship who are tested and tormented by a demon with a wry sense of humor. Featuring a cast of actor-musicians, this offbeat musical explores themes of hope, friendship, and eternal despair.

a musical by thicket & thistle

death cruise r3JPEG.jpg

I am serving once again as head composer and music director for Thicket & Thistle. This dark and campy musical will have its first fully staged production in summer 2019 at Access Theater, after receiving a generous grant from the New York State Council of the Arts. My inspiration for the music comes from a wide range of bands that people listen to to feel like they are “on vacation”. The show deals with themes of escapism vs. reality and the music strives to reflect that conflict. From The Beach Boys to classic tropicalia to modern dance pop, Death Cruise is a funny and bracing theatrical spectacle.