Root of the Rosebush

One of the only things that everyone has in common is a raw attraction to other human beings, a need to feel close to someone; yet, how we experience this and what learn from it is so vastly different. We have a fascinating affinity for boxes and labels surrounding love that are both universal and person specific. Viewed through the lens of a late-night relationship advice radio host, stories from strangers paint a picture of love in the modern world.

a play by Emilyn Kowaleski


I played musical accompaniment for this show during its initial production, and composed underscoring for subsequent iterations. The score was based on 20th century love songs, with an emphasis on acoustic guitar and piano ballads. We did things like a karaoke version of “Cry Me a River” (the J.T. one of course), a fantasia on “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, a remix of “Hot Knife” by Fiona Apple, and a heart-stopping rendition of “At Last”.