Atlas Pit

Centered around high schoolers Ozzy and Gray in their hometown of Janesville, WI, Atlas Pit is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and explores ideas of addiction, love, life, and faith.

A play by Alex Burkhart


I collaborated with playwright Alex Burkhart and musician & actor Corley Pillsbury to compose original songs and underscoring for this raw, emotional play. I wanted the songs for Atlas Pit to feel energized and full of life, but with threads of darkness woven through them. The Orpheus & Eurydice source was utterly fascinating for this project. Corley and I had many long conversations about the meaning of the myth, about the characters as human beings, and about the ways that memory can save us- and ensnare us.


Atlas Pit received its world premiere at the Los Angeles New Court Theatre in 2016. It’s enjoyed several productions around the country since.


"Only Visiting" from the play ATLAS PIT - performed by Kyle Acheson and Corley Pillsbury

Kyle Acheson’s indy-folk-rock original songs provide insight into Ozzy’s thoughts while giving McCoy the chance to show off some nifty picking and singing.
— Steven Stanley for Stage Scene LA