Kyle Acheson

Death Cruise Composer, Lyricist, Music Director

July, 2019

A new musical by Thicket & Thistle.

Making new friends can be hard, especially when there’s a demon tracking your every move. DEATH CRUISE, a musical comedy, follows the staff of an Arctic cruise ship as they are tested and tormented by a demon desperate to corrupt their souls. Featuring a cast of actor-musicians, this offbeat musical explores themes of hope, friendship, and eternal despair!


Directed and animated by Knhik Haefner. Original score by Kyle Acheson.

Coattails & Paradise is a stop-motion animated short about Magdalene: a girl with a slight disconnect. Lucky for her, a dapper guide by the name of Coattails arrives on the scene, offering some sage advice. Immerse yourself in this beguiling and delightful animated musical.

Coattails & Paradise

Composer, Lyricist

Premiere in Rochester, NY, May 2017


"The Rains of Castamere" (The National cover)

NYC - June 2017

Music by The National. Lyrics by George R.R. Martin.

An arrangement of "The Rains of Castamere", by The National, with fingerstyle guitar a la Nick Drake. This haunting ballad will get you in the mood to watch the upcoming season of HBO's Game of Thrones.



The Waterman

Composer, Lyricist, Music Director

"The Waterman" at Ars Nova, 2016

A musical by Kyle Acheson and Sam De Roest

Human beings coexist with a race of “water people” whom they capture and process into delicious sushi. With tensions on the rise, it's up to The Waterman, a genetically-engineered secret agent, to defuse the brewing conflict. But an evil sea Captain and his melancholy daughter Ursula may complicate Waterman's mission.


What's Your Wish?

Composer, Lyricist, Music Director

"What's Your Wish?" at NYC Fringe, 2015

A musical by Thicket & Thistle

It's Nicholas' 16th birthday! But things go a bit awry when he and his best friend Brian get sucked into a cursed storybook. With help from a colorful cast of characters including a mysterious Enchantress, an overworked Fairy, and a giant Rat who lives in the trash, the teenage boys strive to escape from Death Forest with their friendship intact.



Composer, Music Director

"Weather" at The Performance Project @ University Settlement, 2017

A play by Emilyn Kowaleski

Enter the world of 14-year-old Lindsay Levy, an anxious, imaginative young adult whose hormones, relationships, and ideas are all in wild flux. "Weather" explores our relationship with our inner lives and surrounding environments, using poetry, multi-media design, and live musical underscoring to paint a surrealistic portrait of a teenager, blown into a battle with nature in order to figure out how to thrive as a girl on this planet.


Atlas Pit

Composer, Lyricist

"Atlas Pit" at LA New Court Theatre, 2016

A play by Alex Burkart

"Atlas Pit" is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and explores the ideas of addiction, love, life, and faith.



Arranger, Music Director

"eversion" at Ars Nova, 2015

A play by Emilyn Kowaleski

In this concert-style docu-drama, we follow a young single woman in her investigative query into matters of the heart. She examines segments of collected interviews that trace people’s experience with romantic relationships from first crush to present day, while divulging her own heartbreak through biting blues numbers. As the interviews open doors to her personal past, she reveals humiliations from her middle school gymnasium, tests Tinder and vomits up her own heart for the taking.



Contributing Songwriter, Actor

"Tryst", NYC, 2015

A film by Lukas Raphael, Peter Pavlakis, and Jonathan Eric Foster

Gabe tries to get over a break-up by dating, while his friends head for an epic showdown in their relationships. It's about how 20-somethings deal with relationships in New York marked by technology and booze.



Music Director, Composer

"TOMORROW!" at Action/Adventure Theatre in Portland, OR, 2013

A devised work by Ashley Hollingshead & Company

TOMORROW! is about how our generation views what tomorrow, the future, might be. What are we scared tomorrow will be like? What are we hopeful tomorrow will be like? And what do we want to do about it?

Not to be overlooked are whiz-kid composer Kyle Acheson’s musical contributions. Though he doesn’t perform his works live as he did in Fertile Ground’s “The Waterman”, his recorded pieces are credible enough to blend into a mixtape alongside David Byrne and The Pixies. Acheson’s growing list of collabs demonstrates an emerging niche for Portland’s overflow of songwriting chops.

-A.L. Adams, Oregon ArtsWatch


Molly Murphy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Our Last Day on Earth

Music Director, Contributed music & lyrics for the 2014 workshops.

"Molly Murphy & Neil DeGrasse Tyson..." at The Incubator Arts Project, 2014

A musical by Molly Murphy & Loren Beri

Part indie lecture series and part musical cabaret. The story follows a down-and-out Molly Murphy on her quest to meet her biggest hero, famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in the last 24 hours before the Earth is swallowed by a super-massive black hole. Along with a gang of Hayden Planetarium employees, they ponder their place in the universe. All while grappling with their relationships to themselves and the world, that happens to be falling apart minute by minute.


The Fifth

Music Director, Composer

"The Fifth" at Anon It Moves in Portland, OR, 2013

Portland devising company Anon It Moves produced this visceral  deconstruction of Shakespeare's Henry V, exploring the shadow side of Henry's will to wage war.

Kyle Acheson contributes original music that sets apt tones of grandeur and sadness.

-Marty Hughley, The Oregonian


Performed arrangements of "Why Did You Separate Me From the Earth" by Anohni & "Wots... Uh, the Deal" by Pink Floyd at the Tamaas READ Translation Seminar in Paris. (2016)   *Singer


Played Chad, a lead role in This Ain't No Disco! by Stephen Trask and Peter Yanowitz. Staged reading at Atlantic Theater Stage 2 (2016)   *Singer


"Gray Old Sun" for the play Saying Goodbye to the Sun by Kira Atwood-Youngstrom (2016)   *Composer, Lyricist


"Selkie Song" commissioned by Caitlin Fisher-Draeger (2016)   *Composer, Lyricist


Original score for Cymbeline adapted by Kira Atwood-Youngstrom in Portland, OR (2015)   *Composer

"Cymbeline" in Portland, OR, 2016


"Untitled Jingle" for State Farmers Insurance web commercial (2015)   *Composer


Original Score for Root of the Rosebush by Emilyn Kowaleski. (2014-15)   *Composer, Music Director

"Root of the Rosebush" at Cloud City, 2014


Original score for Bike Play in Portland, OR. (2013)  *Composer, Lyricist


"Jimmy's Song" for the play Fall of the Band at Action/Adventure Theatre (2012)   *Composer, Lyricist




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