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About me….

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Hello, I’m Kyle Acheson, I’m a composer and actor musician in Brooklyn, and ever since I was a kid I’ve loved the outdoors. Open fields, forests, streams and ponds dotted my imagination growing up in Cincinnati, OH. Alongside my studies, I learned the songs of the birds who visited my parents’ feeder each season. Music and nature have always been linked for me.

I received a BFA in acting from the Webster Conservatory for Theatre Arts in St. Louis, MO, where I also studied composition, piano, and voice. My training continued at the Massachusetts farm of Double Edge Theatre, mixing ecology and ritual to tell adventurous, encompassing stories.

My professional career began in Portland, OR where I quickly made it my habit to write outside. In parks and gardens across the city, I composed my first musical, The Waterman, and recorded my first album, Sun River. The Pacific Northwest left an indelible mark on me, one that changed the way I view nature and our collective need to cherish and preserve it.

I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY near the beautiful natural landmarks of Greenwood Cemetery and Prospect Park. I co-founded the theatre ensemble Thicket & Thistle in 2014 and wrote two more musicals in collaboration with them: What’s Your Wish?, and Death Cruise. I continue to perform and compose for musical theatre, and to create music for plays, films, podcasts, and commercials.


My Album, Sun River


 The earthy debut LP, featuring a confluence of Nick Drake, Jose Gonzalez and Feist, "Sun River" summons visions of the Pacific Northwest and bears the imprint of the great outdoors.


Sun River is an acoustic album recorded in Portland, OR. It features local musicians Nick Erickson (bass, slide guitar), Sam De Roest (mandolin), Cristina Cano, Shohei Kobayashi (piano, organ), Wayne Haythorn & Nathaniel Stoll (found sound). Special thanks is due to the Westminster Presbyterian Church, who allowed us to use their gorgeous and breathy church organ for the title track. Field recordings from immense Forest Park are woven into the album from start to finish, tying the songs together and celebrating the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


Listen to some tracks below


 Thicket and Thistle


Thicket & Thistle is a group of actor-musicians who blur the lines between author, performer, and orchestra. From writing the book and music, to directing, acting and providing live orchestrations, to crafting props and puppets, they strive to create theatre that is inherently simple to produce, yet bold in its effect.  They use their multi-disciplinary storytelling style to remind the inner child in all of us to greet the world with a sense of wonder.

my role

Since 2014, I’ve served as resident composer and music director of Thicket& Thistle. Many years and many shows later, my creative process has been deeply influenced by this talented group of collaborators. It’s a challenge to develop stories cooperatively, but the rewards of working with a gifted ensemble are rich indeed.

The group’s first musical What’s Your Wish? appeared at the New York Musical Festival in 2018. For my work with this lush and folky score, I was nominated for a Award in Outstanding Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations.

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