Enter the world of 14-year-old Lindsay Levy, an anxious, imaginative young adult whose hormones, relationships, and ideas are all in wild flux. Amidst this chaos, Lindsay can’t decide if she is its victim or its cause. Weather explores our relationship with our inner lives and surrounding environments, using poetry, multi-media design, and live musical underscoring to paint a surrealistic portrait of a teenager, blown into a battle with nature in order to figure out how to thrive as a girl on this planet.

a play by Emilyn Kowaleski


I composed three original songs and underscoring for this coming-of-age play. The main character in Weather loves early 90s rock, so the score reflects influences like Soundgarden, The Cranberries, and Nirvana. There are a few scenes that take place in a therapist’s office, and for those I employed a gigantic set of tranquil wind chimes to underscore the action. I served as music director for the show, and had a wonderful time working with a three-piece grunge band to find sounds for rain, wind, a thunderstorm and a volcanic eruption.


(a note, these recordings are rehearsal demos, not proper studio recordings. The audio quality is relatively low, apologies!)