The Fifth

An elliptical, fragmentary take on Shakespeare’s Henry V, exploring the shadow side of the celebrated wartime king. Employing an elaborate physical score, gigantic shadow puppets and a gender-bending cast, this loving adaptation pays homage to the original, while probing its more unsettling depths.

A play by Erica Terpening-Romeo

I was very excited to compose original music for this project, including settings and underscoring. While setting any Shakespeare verse to song is a treat, this show has a truly special moment that occurs after the climactic battle: the “Te Deum”, a religious hymn honoring the fallen. I contacted my professor, Dr. Jeffrey Carter, who sent me “Te Deum” sheet music from the 14th century, which I adapted for the show. It was incredibly moving to connect with music from the past, especially music this emotionally powerful!

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